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Mouling - National Park of India

Wildlife of Arunachal Pradesh

How to reach 
By Air: Lilabari Airport is Tezpur which is at a distance of 230 km from the Park is the nearest Airport.

By Rail: Railway stations at North Lakhimpur and Morkongselak village are nearby railheads. 
By Road: There are bus services from Itanagar, North Lakhimpur and Likabali till Yingkiong/Pasighat. The remaining 30 Km journey needs to be travelled via hiring jeeps or gypsies. Due to difficulty in accessing the park, it largely remains unexplored and is quite a mystery for both locals and tourists.

Head on to Mouling National Park and revel in the state’s amazing natural beauty. Mouling National Park of India is extended over a total area of 500 square kilometers. The nearest town is located at the distance of about 30 kilometers. If you love nature and its being in their wilderness, then make sure to visit the Mouling National Park, Arunachal Pradesh. The name Mouling has been derived from highest peak named Mouling as per local faith and belief. The word Mouling has got a lot of curiosity among the people. The genetic and ecological features of the Mouling National Park are one of the unique and classic example of wide bio-diversity and its balance in the natural forests of eastern Himalayas.


The National Park was created in the year 1986. The National Park is named after its highest peak Mouling. Etymologists owe the origin of the word mouling to the language of Adi tribe. In their language, ‘mouling’ means red poison. It could be referring to the red latex of a local tree species. There are also many mythological stories that revolve around the region as per the folklore of Apang community.


While the temperature ranges between 150C and 380C in the lower altitudes, it varies in the range of 4.200C-17.70C at higher altitudes. Of the 2000 cm rainfall it receives annually, over 80% occurs during May-October months. During the winter months (December-February), frost occurs from 900 m-1000m heights and it snows in the Mouling peak. Cold winds blow throughout the year but there could be cyclonic threats during March-April.

When to visit

November to April is the best season for the wild lovers to visit this Mouling National Park, Arunachal Pradesh. The landscape of the park is marked with semi evergreen type. This park is surrounded by forested mountains which add to the beauty and splendor of the Mouling National Park. You can indulge in various activities during your trip to this forest.

Where to stay

You can prefer to stay at the circuit house in Jengging or the Inspection bunglows and Circuit house at Yingkiong.

You can find wide range of animals and plants in the national park. Among the fauna, you can commonly find antelopes, takin, coral, serow, wild buffalo, tiger, panther, red panda, elephant, hog dear, barking deer, sambar, hoolock gibbon, python and many others. You can find them moving around in their wilderness. Mouling National Park, Arunachal Pradesh protects large number of animals and india tiger reserves.

The Ecosystem of Mouling National Park

The other fauna found in the park are wild buffalo, tiger, panther, red panda, elephant, hog dear, barking deer, sambar, python etc. Besides it, the park has many birds including different types of Pheasants. Ideal for trekking, hiking and angling at river Siyom.  The ecosystem of the sanctuary is rich in flora & fauna. There are varied species of wildlife with some rare to find animals, birds and plantations. The wild life that can be seen in this sanctuary are hoolock gibbon, leopard, red panda, elephant, tiger in national park etc.

Dew and winds:

Dew in the night is common throughout the year. Cold winds are very common and prevailing winds in other season are with moderate velocity. Cyclonic storms are experienced during the month of March and April occasionally.

Flora & Fauna:

Due to varying climatic conditions across the heights, tree species ranging from tropical to alpine can be found inside the Park. Many rare species of the beautiful flowering plants orchids are also found in plenty.

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