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Bhumchu festival

Bhumchu festival: Every state, city, town, village has got their own set of traditions, rituals andfestivals that define them and India is known for its diverse and rich culture. One such unique festival, Bhumchu is celebrated in Sikkim everywhere.

It is ascribed as one of the most important time of the year. It is celebrated with great pomp and show. This festival is said to decide the fate of the state for the whole year and people from Nepal, Bhutan also travel across to attend this festival.

A land of serene beauty and lush vistas, Sikkim is a vista to behold. This jewel of north east India is abode for unique cuisine for your food pallete, a pilgrimage site with beautiful monasteries, thrilling trekking trails and more.

Bhumchu means ‘ sacred pot of water.’ It is believed that the origins can be traced to around 755 and 804 CE in Tibet. The celebration begins on the 14 th and 15th day of the Tibetan lunar calendar, that is February-March for Gregorian calendar.

During this festival water plays a crucial role. On the day of the festival a sacred pot or vessel is opened and the water level  indicates the fate of the state. If the water is full and to the brim then it means that it will be a peaceful year; if it overflows then it indicates of turbulent years and if the water level is low or almost dried then resdeints are to brace fro drought or famine.

Each year, seven cups of water is taken from the vessel and mixed with holy water of river Rathong and then distributed to devotees. Wondering then how the holy pot is refilled? Monks taken seven cups from the river and seal the vessel shut only prayering for a properosu and peaceful coming year.

The celebration take place at the Tashiding Monestry every year in West Sikkim. It is one of the most sacred Buddhist sanctuaries and also the centre of four holy caves which – Dechenphug, Sharchog Bephug, Lhari Nyingphug and Khandozangphu.

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