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Pilgrimages in Orissa

Orissa is a well known pilgrimage place.The Pilgrimage of Orissa admits several temples of Hindu’s namely Bhaskareswar, Bharateswar, Ananta Vasudeva, Papanasini, Rameswar, Sunarneswar, Taleswar, Uttareswar, Subraneswar, Rajarani, Swarnajaleswar, Tirtheswar and Baladevajew temples.

The mostly visited festivals of the state are the Puri’s Rath Yatra of the temple Jagannath. The chief pilgrimage spot of Orissa is the Jagannath Temple of Puri, lord Jagannath is considered to be the Lord of Universe. The construction of this temple was done around 12th century. There is a protection to this temple by 2 walls, this shrine is devoted to Balabhadra, Subhadra and Krishna, and also there is a restriction for non-Hindus for entering the temple.

The Pilgrimage of Orissa is not complete without taking the Mahaprasada, this is Lord Jagannath’s spiritual food, and the devotees attend immense satisfaction by having this Mahaprasada.

Puri :-
On the Bay of Bengal’s coast is located at the distance of 60 kms from Bhubaneshwar, is the sanctified City Puri. This place is also in the list of the Char Dhams of India which are namely Dwarka, Puri, Badrinath, and Rameswaram.

Lingaraja temples Bhubaneshwar : -
Bhubaneswar is fundamentally a settlement of tanks and temples, by means of grandiose Lingaraja temples prevailing the scenery approximately for miles. Nevertheless many of the temples have elongated buckled under the destructive impels of nature; positioning various sizes yet now exist accurately within hundreds.

Konark  Temple :-
This temple is dedicated to Lord Surya, the god of Sun. It is positioned on the seashore at the distance of 33 kms from Puri and from Bhubaneshwar is at the distance of 64 kms. This temple was being constructed in the 13th century with the black stone and is also well thought-out as the most flamboyant architecture of the show pieces in India.

Deulajhari :-
The hot water spring Deulajhari, is located in the state of Orissa that exerts a pull on an add up to numerous tourists as of all about the world. Enclosed by emerald velvety forests, the hot water spring which is positioned near Angul and Athamalik of Deulajhari.

Jajpur :-
Jajpur was the affluent and imperative centre for commerce and trade in the ancient period. Its varied cultural cross- currents invigorated and ameliorated the city yet in the days of stay of the Huien T'Sang, the Chinese traveller.

Atri :- Hot springs { Tapta Pani }
Sited in Khurda region of Orissa, at the distance of forty two kms as of the principal city, Atri has very well known hot water sulfur springs in the interiors of Orissa.

The Orissa Temple List


  1. Akhandaleswara Temple (11th century) at Prataprudrapur (Kenduli) near Konarak
  2. Amareshwara Temple at Amareshwar near Konarak
  3. Ananta Vasudeva Temple at Bhubaneswar
  4. Bhagawati Temple at Banapur near Bhubaneswar
  5. Bakeshwara Temple at Bhubaneshwar
  6. Bhavani Shankara Temple (near the Sari Deul) at Bhubaneshwar
  7. Bhaskareswara Temple at Bhubaneshwar
  8. Bhrameswara Temple at Bhubaneshwar
  9. Buddhanatha Shiva Temple at Garudipanchana near Bhubaneshwar
  10. Chitkarini Temple at Bhubaneshwar
  11. Dakra Bhimeswara Temple at Bhubaneshwar
  12. Ekambareswara Temple (within the Lingaraja compound) at Bhubaneshwar
  13. Gauri Shankara Ganesha Temple (8th century) at Bhubaneshwar
  14. Gopinatha Temple at Kakudia near Bhubaneshwar
  15. Jaleswara Temple at Kalarahanga near Bhubaneshwar
  16. Grameswara Temple (ruins) at Adasapur (Prachi valley ) near Bhubaneshwar (37 km)
  17. Gokarneswara Temple at Jamu-Goradi - Adasapur near Bhubaneshwar (37km)
  18. Kapileshwara Temple at Adasapur - Kapila Muni Ashram near Bhubaneshwar (37 km)
  19. Angeshwara Temple at Pitapara near Niali
  20. Bhagawati Temple at Parahat near Jagatsinghapur
  21. Bhagawati Temple at Vateshwar near Salepur
  22. Bhimeswara Temple at Daraba near Jagatsinghapur
  23. Bhramheswara Temple at Beraboi near Delang
  24. Bhringeswara Mahadeva Temple (8th century) at Bajrakot near Talcher
  25. Biranchi Narayana Temple at Palia near Bhadrak
  26. Chandi Temple at Sochanpurochana near Nilgiri (Baleshwar)
  27. Chandrasekhara Temple at Khiching near Panchpir (Mayurbhanj)
  28. Chandrasekhara Temple at Kapilas Hill near Kapilas
  29. Charchika Temple at Amareshwar near Konarak
  30. Durga Temple at Motia near Konarak
  31. Gangeshwari Temple at Beyalisbati near Konarak
  32. Chateswara Temple at Kishenpur near Cuttack
  33. Indrasthana Temple at Amaravati near Cuttack
  34. Ashta Sambhu Temple ruins (12th cent) at Chaudar near Cuttack
  35. Champeswara Temple at Champeswar near Narsinghpur (Cuttack)
  36. Daksheswara Temple at Banapur
  37. Garteswara Temple at Algum near Sakshigopal (Puri)
  38. Grameswara Temple at Lataharana near Kakatpur (Puri)
  39. Chandeswara Temple at Chandeswar near Tangi (Puri)
  40. Jagannath Temple at Puri
  41. Gopinath Temple at Nuasomeswarpur near Sakshigopal
  42. Grameswara Temple at Birpratappur near Sakshigopal
  43. Grameswara Temple (13th cent ruins) at Berhumpur near Jagatsinghapur
  44. Indralath (Vishnu) Temple (10th cent) at Ranipur - Jharial near Titlagarh
  45. Jaganatha Temple at Palur near Rambha
  46. Kakharua Baidyanatha Temple at Mantri near Badasahi (Mayurbhanj)
  47. Kanakeswara Temple (8th-9th cent) at Kualo (Kodalaka) near Talcher
  48. Kapileswara Temple at Charda near Binka (Balangir)
  49. Kapileswara Temple at Bhubaneshwar
  50. Kedareswara Temple at Bhubaneshwar
  51. Kenduli Temple ruins at Kenduli near Konarak
  52. Khileswara Temple (12th century) at Khilor near Pipli (Puri)
  53. Kinchakeswari Temple at Khiching near Panchpir (Mayurbhanj)
  54. Konark Sun Temple at Konark
  55. Kosaleswara Temple at Anandapur (Degaon)
  56. Kosaleswara Temple at Baidyanath near Solangir
  57. Kosaleswara Temple (9th cent) at Patnagarh near Sonepur
  58. Kotitheertheswara Temple at Bhubaneshwar
  59. Kutopokhari Temple at Remuna near Balasore
  60. Lakshmaneshwara Temple ruins at Bhubaneshwar
  61. Lakshmi Narasimha Temple at Amareshwar near Konarak
  62. Lakshmi Narasimha Temple at Nuapatna near Bhubaneshwar (37km)
  63. Lakshmi Narayana Temple at Chaurasi near Konarak
  64. Lingaraj Temple at Bhubaneswar
  65. Madhavananda Temple at Adasapur (Prachi valley ) near Bhubaneshwar (37 km)
  66. Madhavananda Temple at Madhava near Niali
  67. Mahavinayaka Temple at Chandikhol
  68. Mahendragiri Temples at Mahendragiri (South Ganjam)
  69. Mahisasura Mardini Temple at Adasapur (Prachi valley ) near Bhubaneshwar (37 km)
  70. Makareshwara Temple at Bhubaneshwar
  71. Mallikeswara Temple at Paikapada near Rayagarha (Koraput)
  72. Mallikeswara Temple at Padmapur near Gunupur (Koraput)
  73. Mangala Temple at Kakatpur near Konarak
  74. Manikeswara Temple at Sukleshwara near Talcher
  75. Maninageswara Temple at Baleshwar
  76. Markandeswara Temple at Bhubaneshwar
  77. Megheswara Temple at Bhubaneshwar
  78. Mitreswara Temple at Bhubaneshwar
  79. Mohini Temple at Bhubaneshwar
  80. Mukteswara Temple at Bhubaneswar
  81. Narasimha Temple at Puri
  82. Narasimhanatha Temple at Nrusingnath near Padmapur (Sambalpur)
  83. Nilakanteshwara Shiva Temple at Adasapur (Prachi valley ) near Bhubaneshwar (37 km)
  84. Nilamadhava Temple at Mudgala Madhava near Konarak
  85. Nilamadhava Temple at Chahata near Konarak
  86. Nilamahadeva Temple at Gandharadi near Bauda (Phulabani)
  87. Padmeswara Temple at Baneswarnasi near Narasinghpur (Cuttack)
  88. Panchapandava (Vishnu) Temple (10th century) at Ganeshwarpur near Chhatia (Cuttack)
  89. Papanasini Temple at Bhubaneshwar
  90. Parasurameswara Temple at Bhubaneswar
  91. Parvati Temple (Lingaraj Temple) at Bhubaneswar
  92. Paschimeswara Temple at Amangai Island near Khanderpur (Athgarh - Cuttack)
  93. Pataleswara Temple at Paikapada near Rayagarha (Koraput)
  94. Pataleswara Temple (10th cent) at Budhikomna near Khariar (Raipur) Kalahandi
  95. Purneswara Temple at Bhillideuli near Nimapara (Puri)
  96. Rajarani Temple at Bhubaneswar
  97. Rameswara Temple at Bauda near Phulabani
  98. Rasikaraya Temple ruins at Haripur (Mayurbhanj) near Haripur (Mayubhanj)
  99. Samaleswari Temple at Sonapur
  100. Sari Deul Temple at Bhubaneshwar
  101. Shiva Temple at Badagaon near Bhanjanagar
  102. Siddheswara Temple at Bhubaneshwar
  103. Siddheswara Temple at Gandharadi near Bauda (Phulabani)
  104. Simhanatha Temple at Simhanatha Island near Baideswar (Cuttack)
  105. Sisireswara Temple at Bhubaneswar
  106. Sisireswara Temple at Bhubaneshwar
  107. Sobhaneshwara Temple at Niali
  108. Somanatha Temple at Ghorodia near Delang (Puri)
  109. Somanatha Temple at Budhapada near Bhubaneshwar
  110. Someswara Shiva Temple at Ranipur Jharial near Titlagarh
  111. Someswara Temple at Someswara near Kakatpur (Puri)
  112. Suvarnameru Temple at Sonapur
  113. Swapneswara Temple at Adasapur (Prachi valley ) near Bhubaneshwar (37 km)
  114. Taleswara Temple (near Parasurameswara) at Bhubaneshwar
  115. Tarakeshwara Temple at Ganeshwarpur near Cuttack
  116. Trilochaneshwara Temple at Sadansa near Niali
  117. Uttareswara Temple at Bhubaneshwar
  118. Vaital Deul at Bhubaneswar
  119. Valukeswara Temple at Bhubaneshwar
  120. Vanivakreswara Temple at Kalupada near Puri (Delang)
  121. Varaha Narasimha Temple at Adasapur (Prachi valley ) near Bhubaneshwar (37 km)
  122. Varuneswara Temple at Bhubaneshwar
  123. Vishwanatha Temple at Krishna Prasadgarh near Amareshwar
  124. Yameshwara Temple at Bhubaneshwar

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