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Mahalakshmi Temple Mumbai

Shree Mahalakshmi Temple is one of the famous temple of Lord lakshmi in mumbai. This temple is reffered to goddes laxmi ( Goddess of wealth ). It is dedicated to the Tridevi goddesses - Mahakali, Mahalakshmi and Mahasaraswati. All these deities are lavishly adorned with jewellery. The main deity, Mahalakshmi, is at the center shown holding lotus flowers. It is an interesting place of attraction for spiritually motivated visitors. Sea near by makes it more attractive. A good place to visit . Here we get fresh up with positivity and blessings . Love to visit this place . 

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Excellent Temple in India

This place is one of the finest monastries that represents the historical sculptures in the world, one of world's largest rock cut monastry-temple cave. The place is so peceful one can feel and hear the inner voice. The scuptures depict the present of god and godesses. its a UNESCO world heritage site and is such a beauty, the view and everything is sightful and stunning. Mahalakshmi temple staff also very good and helpful.

One of the famous places to visit in mumbai

Mahalakshmi Railway station is named after goddess Mahalakshmi. This temple is located at walkable distance from railway station. Temple is very crowded at Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Mahalakshmi temple is one of the oldest and iconic place to visit in mumbai. This temple is sea facing. Its because of this Devi Mahalaxmi that a person coming and staying in Mumbai never goes hungry or without money. Its a powerful devi temple with lovely view of the Arabian sea. A must visit for all ages.

How to Reach Mahalakshmi Temple Mumbai?

By Air – Daily flights from domestic airports as well as many foreign destinations arrive in Mumbai. Doesn’t matter where you’re in the world, you can find hassle-free convenience to Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport Mumbai. It is only 18 km away from Mahalakshmi Temple.

By Rail – Regular trains from the metropolitan cities as well as other small towns of India are available for Mumbai. Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus (7 km away) and Mumbai Central (4 km away) are the two railway stations where most trains stop. Some distant trains stop at the suburban stations instead of those two railway terminals. Mahalakshmi Station is the nearest railway station to Mahalakshmi Temple.

By Road – A network of national highways connects Mumbai to nearby towns and other major cities of India. You can either drive your car, book a cab or hop on one of the public or private buses to Mumbai. State-run BEST buses are also available from all corners of Mumbai to the temple. Most of the buses stop at Mumbai Central Bus Depot, which is only about 4 km away from Mahalakshmi Temple. You can reach Mahalakshmi Temple easily from anywhere in Mumbai. You can get a taxi, auto or board a Mumbai local train.

Mahalakshmi Temple Timings and Entry Fee

The timings to visit Mahalakshmi Temple Mumbai are between 6 AM to 10 PM. Entry is free and you can watch the aarti live as per the scheduled timings. Mahalakshmi Temple Mumbai aarti timings are 7 AM to 7.20 AM and 7.30 PM to 7.50 PM. Apart from the main aarti, you can also attend Dhoop aarti around 6.30 PM, depending on the time of sunset, and Shej aarti at 10 PM before the gates close for the night. Daily Naivedya ritual, in which the priests offer food to the deities, is at 12 PM. The temple priests also perform special rituals like Mahapuja on behalf of the devotees. You have to pay ₹251 for that. For Abhishek and Archana rituals, the donation is ₹20 and ₹10, respectively. Special havan sessions can also be arranged in the temple premises on a donation of ₹2500.

Best Time to Visit Mahalakshmi Temple

The best time to visit Mahalakshmi temple would be in the month of winter, from October to March. During those months, Mumbai’s temperature is pleasant and you might also get a chance to attend the special Navratri aarti or Diwali celebrations. Also, visit Mahalakshmi Temple early in the morning for a comfortable darshan, as the rush isn’t much. You can also get an opportunity to interact with the priests and know the Mahalakshmi Temple Mumbai story in detail.

Time to Explore Mahalakshmi Temple Mumbai

On a normal day, you can complete your visit to Mahalakshmi Temple complex in around 30 minutes. During rush hours you might need about an hour though. But if you prefer to visit during the festivals, it might take you over one hour for the darshan.

Things to keep in mind while visiting Mahalakshmi Temple

    Wear proper dress keeping in mind that it’s a religious place.
    Get in the right queue assigned to men/ women for the darshan.
    Keep a watch on your belongings while you’re in the temple.
    Leave your footwear outside the temple.
    Photography is prohibited within the temple complex.

Architecture of Mahalaxmi Temple

Mahalakshmi Temple in Mumbai is made in the traditional Indian style of temple architecture. The Kalash (the top) of Mahalakshmi Temple is about 15 meters high. An intricately carved entrance gate leads you into the temple complex. The 10.6 metres high Dhwaja Stambha (Flag Pole) made of wood is among the first structures you’ll see upon entering the temple. It is covered with silver sheets. Then, there’s Deepmala – a tall structure illuminated with diyas (clay lamps), which is carved in stone. The Sabha Mandapa (the area around the sanctum) of the temple is spread over 100 square metres and has 27 ornamented spires to support it. A silver-covered lion, which faces the deities, is within the Sabha Mandapa. And there are wooden idols of Jay-Vijay at the entrance of the Gabhara (temple sanctum). Within the Gabhara, you’ll see the idols of the goddesses – Mahalakshmi, Mahakali and Mahasaraswati, ornamented with jewels and flowers. The thrones too are covered in silver, adorned with intricate carvings.

History of Mahalakshmi Temple Mumbai

According to the records, Mahalakshmi Temple was constructed around 1761-1771 CE. The legend says that people immersed the idols of Mahalakshmi, Mahakali and Mahasaraswati in the sea near Worli, to keep them safe from Muslim invaders. Later, during British rule, Lord Hornby wanted to connect Worli and Malabar Hill. However, even after multiple trials, the team of engineers and technicians failed because of the sea waves. Then, one night, Goddess Mahalakshmi appeared in the dream of the lead engineer – Shri Ramji Shivji Prabhu. She asked him to fish out the idols from the sea and place them on the hillock to complete the project without any trouble. The team did so. The engineer also promised the goddess that he will build a temple on the hillock and put those idols in there. So, when the project was completed, Shri Ramji Shivji Prabhu took land from the British government and constructed the Mahalakshmi Temple.

Things to do at Mahalakshmi Temple

At Mahalakshmi Temple, you can offer coconuts, sweets and flowers to the deities on any day. The temple complex has many shops which sell fresh flowers and other items to be used for worship. The charm of the Mahalakshmi Temple increases manifold during festivals. Navratri is celebrated twice a year; once around March - April and again between September - October. Diwali comes around October - November. The entire temple complex is decorated with lights and flowers. So, you must visit Mumbai Mahalakshmi temple during Navratri and Diwali if you are in Mumbai. Special arrangements are made so that devotees can get a proper darshan of their revered deities, even during heavy rush. And It’s during these festivals when you can witness the beauty of the temple and the enthusiasm of the devotees. People also come in huge numbers on the occasion of Annakut (a few days after Diwali), Margashirsha month (around December - January) and Gudi Padwa (in March - April).

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